Breastival Belfast 2017 was a celebration of World Breastfeeding Week on Saturday 5th August.

The first of it’s kind in Northern Ireland Breastival Belfast 2017 was an incredible day of learning and celebration. We hosted a range of speakers and interactive sessions for parents to enjoy time with their children, learn new things and meet other families. We set a new Northern Ireland record for the number of children breastfeeding in one place – including some epic efforts by twin mums and mum’s pumping to provide milk for their little ones for the count.
The atmosphere was incredible and we were delighted to have over 500 parents, children, babies and supporters join us. Some new parents were feeding their babies outside the home for the first time and we were honoured to have been able to make that a positive experience. Expectant parents were able to see breastfeeding in action and consider their options for their new arrival. Partners, grandparents and friends had the opportunity to support the breastfeeding women in their lives by being there with them and learning more about breastfeeding and gentle parenting.

Thanks to Tascha Henderson for Video and Great White LIes for “Humble Pancake” music