This sessions focuses upon the herstories of breastfeeding in our time. We will hear first-hand the experiences of magnificent local women each tells Her Story. In this session we will consider how breastfeeding has and can change in Northern Ireland.

The session is chaired By Dr Margaret Ward, feminist herstorian and activist. Her Stories told by Bronagh Hinds founder of Democrashe, Eliz Bannon OBE and former Co-Director of Maternity and Women’s Health at the Belfast Trust, and Louise Taylor, Breastival Board Member, Community Activist and Peer Supporter.

Chaired by Dr Margaret Ward
Dr Margaret Ward is a feminist herstorian, historian, activist and advocate of breastfeeding. She is author of a number of books including Unmanageable Revolutionaries, In Their Own Voices and A Biography of Hanna Sheehy Skeffington. Margaret is a former Director of the Women’s Resource and Development Agency, and she is currently a Visiting Fellow in Irish History at Queen’s University Belfast, a trustee of the National Museums Northern Ireland and a board member of Libraries NI.


Eliz Bannon
Eliz Bannon OBE is a former Co-Director of Maternity and Women’s Health at the Belfast Trust. Eliz is currently undertaking her PhD at Queen’s University, Belfast

Bronagh Hinds
Bronagh Hinds founded DemocraShe in 2000 to empower women in politics, policy influence and peace-building. She is involved in Women in Local Councils, the Women’s Policy Group and the Women’s Budget Group. She participated in the 1996-98 Good Friday Agreement negotiations for the Women’s Coalition and was the Deputy Chief Commissioner of the Equality Commission for N Ireland 1999- 2003. She was a Senior Practitioner Fellow at Queen’s University Institute of Governance for six years following twenty years in the voluntary sector as director of Gingerbread NI, regional director of Oxfam and director of the Ulster People’s College. Active in the Northern Ireland Women’s Rights Movement in the 1970s, she was the founder and chair of the Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform 1988-1998. She served as a Commissioner on the Northern Ireland Local Government Staff Commission 2005-2010 and the final Northern Ireland Commissioner on the UK Women’s National Commission 2007-2010.

Louise Taylor
Louise Taylor is a Breastival Board Member, a Community Development Officer with the South Lough Neagh Regeneration Association, a mumtrepreneur, embroidery expert and Breastfeeding Peer Supporter with the Southern Health & Social Care Trust.