Located in The Belfast Room, our informal chats are a space to learn, are open to everyone to ask questions, chat with each other and meet other people like you.

Each session will be led by a facilitator but everyone is welcome to contribute, share experiences, ask questions, or just sit back and listen.

11.00 am Breastfeeding and Returning to Work

Join Union experts and Breastival co-founder and Mumtrepreneur Jennie Wallace to find out about your rights at work, the practical challenges and possibilities for returning to work and continuing to breastfeed for as long as you choose.

11.40am Milk Bank Donation

Learn from two current donors, Rachel Leonard and Roisin Erskine about the practicalities of donating to the Milk Bank to help premature babies.

12.10pm Express Yourself Pumping Mamas

Come meet other pumping Mamas with Rebecca Scott-Pillai, IBCLC and Mum of two with personal experience of exclusively expressing for first baby. You all deserve a medal for your efforts!


12.40pm Aversion Sucks

Breastfeeding aversion expert Zainab Yate leads this supportive chat about aversion for mums experiencing it or those wanting to learn more.

1.20pm Tandem Feeding

Talented local writer and Mum of 4, Grainne Evans chats about tandem feeding.

1.50pm To Age Two...And Beyond

The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding to age two and continuing beyond that as long as you want. Adele Paton, La Leche League leader and founder of "Breastfeeding in Northern Ireland" online support group chats about the challenges and joys of feeding to age two and beyond.

2.40pm Tongue Tie

Tongue Tie is estimated to affect 1 in 10 babies in Northern Ireland. Gillian Anderson, tongue tie specialist and breastfeeding co-ordinator in Northern Health & Social Care Trust, chats about tongue tie, what it is how it can affect breastfeeding and what to do about it.

3.10pm Infant allergies & exclusion diets 

Jenni Ashcroft, paediatric dietician and IBCLC, is here to sort the myths from the truth when it comes to babies allergies and special diets for breastfeeding mums. Touching on common food allergies and how to manage them and making sure Mums on restricted diets still get the nutrition they need.

3.40 pm Finishing Breastfeeding

The end of the journey can present its own challenges. Chat about the options for finishing, how to go about it and the importance of self-care through the hormonal and emotional changes to come.