More Than Milk Exhibition

Do you want #MoreThanMilk to adorn your maternity unit walls?

Breastfeeding is so much more than milk. A mother feeding her child gives comfort, promotes bonding, offers relief from pain, calms and regulate heart rate and temperature… and what’s more it’s normal. The normal way for humans to feed their children.

In Northern Ireland more and more families are choosing to breastfeed. We don’t often see women breastfeeding because our current breastfeeding rates are so low and as Marian Wright Edelman said “you can’t be what you can’t see”.

#MoreThanMilk is a project by Breastival Belfast that lets people see breastfeeding as it is, a normal part of everyday family life. Women from all over Northern Ireland submitted images to be part of this project, and now we want your unit to be part of it too.

This beautiful exhibition of real women, real children and real lives in Northern Ireland is available to tour the country – for FREE! We are asking maternity units to apply to host this exhibition.

The practical stuff

The exhibition is fully flexible and can be displayed in part or in full depending on the space available and the preferences of the unit. The exhibition consists of 100 images, printed on approx. A5 size foam backed card. The images can be displayed on any flat surface, affixed with white tac. Breastival Belfast can deliver and install the exhibition or send the photos to your unit for a nominated champion to install the display. The images are precious to Breastival and the families that submitted them, but they are inexpensive to produce so there is no concern about cost in case of images that are accidentally damaged. An optional extra is a small reference library that can accompany the exhibition with titles from Pinter & Martin including The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, The Positive Birth Book, Milky Moments and more.

How to apply

Email and tell us:

  • Who you are
  • What unit you represent
  • Why you want #morethanmilk in your unit
  • When you can host it and how long you would like to keep if for
  • Confirm that you have permission or the authority to host the display
  • Include a photo of where you would put the pictures