Who We Are

Breastival is a volunteer-led organisation based in Belfast

We aim to normalise, support & celebrate breastfeeding in everyday life

In summer 2016, feeding her 7-week old baby, Dr Jennifer Hanratty decided to host a “Big Latch On” event to show that breastfeeding in public is no big deal. A year later, “still” feeding, armed with a bigger idea and supported by a passionate tribe of volunteers Breastival Belfast was born.

Mumtrepenuer, Jennie Wallace took the idea for Breastival and made it into an amazing event. Her background in business development and events management provided a driving force to build Breastival into an amazing event.

Join Our Team

We are currently recruiting voluntary board members. If you would like to be an advocate for breastfeeding families and have skills to offer, please get in touch.